Difficulty Wiring Up Power Supply

I’m having some difficulty connecting the included stranded power wire to the power supply barrel plug adapter. The openings for + and - on the adapter are rather small in comparison to the diameter of the stranded wire. This makes it hard to insert the wire and then, being stranded, the wire just bunch up rather than go in. Is there any tricks to getting this to work? Since this supplies power to the board and motors, I’d like to make sure its well seated.

Edit: The image of the bundle on the shop site shows a power supply with stripped wires at the end and the shop for the power supply itself has the following note:

Do Not Use the Barrel Jack on the Mega, Cut and Strip The end off to use with the Ramps 1.4 Stack!

I’m not sure what the Ramps 1.4 Stack is, but I assume that’s the controller. If so, then what’s the short piece of stranded wire and barrel adpater for?

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I use ferrules for all my wiring. It makes everything safe and secure and less likely to have a stray wire sticking out. I can’t get the link to work but amazon has a bunch of ferrule and crimped combo kits.

That link didn’t quite work out…

Yeah sorry. I can’t get a hyperlink to work. Just search wire ferrules on amazon.

Yeah, they would have to be pretty small to work on this barrel adapter… I’m leaning to cutting the end off the power supply, but would like to hear from someone else that faced this issue before doing so.

The adapter and wires are free bonuses right now. I think I am going to stop including them as they seem to be more hassle than bare wires, I hoped that was not the case.

Open the green ports all the way up and push the little tabs open with something small and there should be plenty of room for the wires. If you can’t make it work just follow the instructions and don’t use them and cut off the end of the power supply and use the bare wire.

I had no problem with the part plugged into the controller, it is the barrel connector adapter that’s been challenging. I did try prying on it, but it didn’t move much… I’ll try a bit more forcefully and if it doesn’t work, I’ll cut the barrel plug of and just wire it directly.

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IWISS End-sleeves Crimping Tool from AWG 23-10 c/w 780 Ferrules on Electrician, Contractors, Repair Support

This is what I have in my shopping list…

Thanks. Looks handy to have around. I ended up cutting the barrel off and shoving it into the controller’s connector. The piece of stranded wire that was included was a bit overkill in size as it was about 10x larger than that of the wire from the power supply itself. A much smaller sized jumper wire would probably had worked, but snipping worked well enough.