Dewalt DW660 vs Dremel

I got a amazon gift card for doing a Olympic study so I decided to buy the DW660 to replace the dremel I was using. First the mount Ryan made fits amazingly perfect Ryan is a great designer and my printer must be pretty good too because this thing fit on there like it was store bought.

Now about the router. It feels pretty heavy but the cnc didn’t struggle to move it around. This thing cuts through wood like nothing my dremel would bog down when it would hit the wood. It’s really loud it’s even louder than my bosch colt. I didn’t realize it was single speed when I so I didn’t get a controller with it. I will have to buu or make one so far everything I have used it for is ok at max speed but I still want to get the acrylic to work. The collet release thing is annoying. It would be nice if I were using the router for its intended purpose but with it mounted on the cnc I think a wrench would be easier.

Should be a good upgrade but I think the added noise will cause me to use the cnc less because I don’t want to bug everyone else in the house. I probably should move from the garage to the basement and enclose it.

Most of us have taken the integrated release off. If is not all that hard. Some have pried it off but I chose to take miner apart to get the black release off. If is not all that hard to manage. you should be able to search this forum for the DW660 to find what others have done.