Dewalt 660 Mount

Hi Guys,

I am doing pen tests and just got my Dewalt 660. Was there a recommended mount that I could print/use? I couldnt find one thats specific on thingiverse. Gonna start cutting with Fusion 360! Excited.

That is the standard for us. Might want to check for perpendicularity first before you jump into cutting, or maybe I am just paranoid. Either way have fun :smiley:

Thanks for the reminder. It will take me some time before I make my first cuts though. Figuring out Fusion 360. :slight_smile:

Start with ESTLCAM, it is much much easier to use and help you figure out. I have a few tutorial on how to use it.

Fusion is advanced, not extremely difficult but one missed setting and something will probably break as it doesn’t really work by default all settings need to be played with.

Is there a recommended dust shoe attach I can add?

Best to start without one first you will need to watch things very closely until you get well versed in the machine and CAM.