Design question


May I ask Ryan, what were the design considerations when opting for the x and y rails to be on the outside, as opposed to having two full supported linear rails with two close set conduits for the gantry, like a more typical CNC router?


I think I can answer this with some certainty. Cost, supported rails are quite expensive compared to EMT conduit.

I didn’t make that very clear. I meant just rails fixed to a raised support system anchored to the base - using the emt and bearings system.

I would be guessing but perhaps because that would mean wood panels, it would be away from the design goal of being mostly printed.

I am not questioning the design by the way. I am just curious as to how the decision process went.

If I understand the question correctly, It is designed to work either way, that is why the rollers have an open bottom. There are a few builds that do it that way.I chosse to build mine with an open system so I can mount the material any way I want. Besides 3D printing on it everything else hangs out at least 1 side, you can see it in my videos, I hang it out the side and clamp it down. To me it is easier that trying to just screw it in to the surface board.

So ease of use, and but you can do it that way if you want. I tried to build this machine to be as configurable as possible (some design compromises had to be made).

Thanks for that. Makes sense. I’ll experiment once I’ve built the beast.