Delta printer top plate with spool holder

Hi Guys,

This is what I’ve done yesterday: a top plate for my 3D printer.
I was sick and tired of the original design… Before, the spool was just sitting on a bearing on top of the printer, and what happened regularly was that the extruder was pulling it out of the bearing, then the spool was falling onto the print head, ruining hours of beautiful prints.

This happened to me very often, it really was incredibly annoying.

It happened to me for the last time 2 days ago, when I decided that I now can use my CNC to build something better.

As usual I made the drawing on Tinkercad, took me less than an hour since the shapes were pretty easy.

It’s been cut into MDF, which gives fairly good results. Unfortunately It’s been a nightmare to cut since I had all these electrical problems, but in the end it turned out great.

The rotating plate is mounted on bearings, and the spool must be pressed on it (it’s a tight fit) so it cannot fall off accidentally. It seems to work really well.

The only thing I’m not satisfied of is the bowden tube angle, I may need to reword that a little, I’ll see if this really is m issue during use.

Anyway, as usual, a few pics:

Dude! That’s nice! My printer is in an enclosure, so I put the spool holder on the top and run the filament down through a hole in the top. I like your tool tray too, good idea.

this is cool !!! :smiley: if I only I could use the same design on a Rostock

Why couldn’t you?
Is the rostock different from mine on the top side? On the pictures I’ve found on Google they look pretty much the same.

Maybe you can post a pic of yours?