Delivery problem

Hi there. Im from Poland. I’ve ordered jackpot board directly from US site , over a month ago. Package stuck in Belgium , and I have no idea what to do with it. My tracking number is CB362849529US
Can anybody help me?

Hey Greg, it says your parcel is in Poland: Universal Parcel Tracking - Global Package Tracking
Or here, directly with your post: Śledzenie przesyłek - Tracking |

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Thank You verrrry much. I didnt noticed such information even i didn get any recipe from my postal unit

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Finally got my board. I had to pay customs , about 20$ extra, so the final cost of the board is way greater than i expected


Yeah, had to pay the same amount plus the 6€ fee the German Post slaps onto it. Still a very cheap board. :slight_smile:

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Dang you guys are quick!!!

For anyone in the future please have a look at it tells more than the USPS site. This info is linked on teh contact page.

In this case it said it was waiting for pickup, 10 days ago.

Glad you got it and thanks Philipp!

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