Decimal inch is better!

What keeps us from working in imperial or customary units? Can we use the G20 code to switch our MPCNC? 30 years of inspecting and designing in imperial units is really hard to give up. Has anyone tried to convert? I’m not looking to change the world. I just don’t want mine to change.

I think the newer marlin firmware has a little better support for this, at least on the firmware side.

I can understand where you are coming from. For me I understand large distances 6" and up in feet and fast rates in MPH. For 6" and under, weights, any other rates in metric. I think school science drills in the metric so for me it is the most familiar in smaller measures, and faster math in my head. My carpenter buddy was over yesterday and we always talk about this. Once you are familiar with your units a change would be hard.

I build aircraft. So we use inches. And switching units is hard. I have a tab open dedicated to mm conversions.

Well I’m thinking if we have the option of designing in Imperial (CAD software goes here), all of the CAM software I have used so far prompts for the unit of measure,(Estlcam, freecad/cam, Fusion360/cam,) and we can use a G20 code to tell the machine what is coming why couldn’t we? What is the limiting factor that I am missing? What tells the steppers to start moving and when to stop moving? Maybe I’m the only one interested in this. If anyone has any insight let me know otherwise I’m digging for gold.

You can use the cad and cam in any units you want but i think it would be st to leave the post processor in metric. That way you should never actually have to see the metric.

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