Dealing with table sagging

Hi again everyone. So the low rider is up and running. Printed the crown and also drew out a strut plate with a pen as well (decided to do that before jumping in with the router)

So the back end of my table is pretty flat. I have near a.10 mm sag towards the front end of the table. Sag covers half the table basically.

I’m not against cutting out a whole new table with the low rider.

Any advise on table issues?


Leveled it all out a bit. Caveman style but for now it will work.


Might need more information. Probably a pic or drawing of the slope or sag. Do you mean .10mm or 10mm? Also version of LR would be helpful.

Measuring 0.1mm out of plane on the scale of an lr is probably out of range for most folks at home. So I’m guessing it is 10mm. Most ppl level the spoilboard with a larger bit to get it in plane with the gantry, but cutting 10mm may be too much. That would make it hard to bury screws etc so they won’t get hit by the bit while surfacing. It could work with 3/4 mdf spoilboard, but you would be cutting well past the surface temper (so the surface will be very soft/spongy).

10mm is a lot. I would look for an issue in assembly. Maybe a shim or two in the right place would bring it up closer before trying to use a surfacing bit.

0.1mm would make most people envious.

Hi yes was bad. Still is in my opinion but I have able to sort strut plates out. However they came out at 78mm. Should they be closer to 85?

I’ll do a new torsion box table once I have the machine back together and have abit more time.

I done some adjustments to the table to get me out of trouble for now.

They are 80mm as far as I remember.

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Thanks Phillip

Yeah was 10mm. Ive been able tp jack up the middle for now. Probably 2 or 3 mm now but i can work with that for now.

Yeah jeff, was 10mm but have adjusted a little and i can accept where it is at the moment. Ive just put 9mm sheet of mdf on top to allow for the difference

Thanks Brent. Think ill build a better table. Agree 10mm is way to much.

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so i now have the table within 1mm in any direction. My plan is to cut out a torsion box using the LR3. 1 thing im not sure on is how thick to make the torsion box. 100mm ? 150mm?

Considering this is a full size build. Anyone have any advise on this?
I’m also considering full-length legs. (1600 wide x 150 I guess)

My only problem (that I can think of right now) is storage. the plan was to stack sheets underneath the table.

However, since all the problems with table leveling im not sure if thats a great idea. Unless i reinforce and support the center of the table some other way. (concrete floor was out by over 35mm)