Daughter’s business startup

Well my 9year old daughter wants to make motivational wall talk and cute fridge magnets. So I said hold my beer lol.
JJ so far so much fun she does the wording and we create the little symbols and use the lr3 to cut them out. My table needs a tram for sure but when your kid shows interest you got to jump on it haha.
She will sell them at my wife’s hair salon.
Also my dad bought a printer and has started to print his lr3 pieces :slight_smile:



That is so awesome! Enjoy every min of it!!!


This is awesome. I am working with my son to create his own youtube channel playing little games. He does all the editing though. His ending slogan, that he came up on his own was “It can be a slow process, but quitting doesn’t speed it up”.

Blew my mind on the first video review I did. Feel free to use that one. Best of luck to her and you.



Well doesn’t that just fit everything around here.

I can’t imagine how excited you were to help!!! That has to be an amazing feeling.


My daughter is 13. We’re lucky if she talks to us at all.


Dude, this is so cool!


Awesome kid-parent project idea. Nice seeing projects like this.

So true. Learned this after the fact, this stage was a limited time only deal.

It’s still possible to spark and inspire interest as they get older, but damn, it’s so much harder, and patience testing. Very hard to compete with the dopamine hits from their cell phones and other screens.


Totally agree !
She is a really good artist and likes all the girly stuff. And she spends a lot of time at the shop helping etc.
the phone thing is wild these days all kinds of games and watching other ppl have fun. I got her a stylus pen but she lost that.
She called me after school to “remind me to get 2 more sheets of wood “ lol
these kids grow up way too fast.


Definitely going to be fun and kind of force my hand at getting motivated. These last couple weeks have been so cloudy rainy and doomy lol.
I am excited to get my dad all setup for his lr3 as well.