Cutting board for thanksgiving

That 1.5” facing bit really makes quick work of smoothing off.
I’m making a large cutting board for the thanksgiving turkey.

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Nice, where from? Saw…

Am currently using 1" surfacing bit from amzn. Larger bit with replaceable blades sounds helpful for larger jobs.

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17”x22” cutting board

Four passes at 1mm has around 35% step over has took around an hour and a half and it’s about to start the last pass.

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Can you hear the 660 struggling or is it doing good?

It doesn’t slack up a bit, no problem at all swinging a 1-1/2 blade cutting around 1/2”-3/4” per pass.

The vac however appears to be a different story. :slight_smile:

Nice work, I’ve been surfacing with a 3/4 bit but a 1.5 would definitely speed things up.

Lol yeah the vac can’t keep up at all. It only catches about 1/4 of the shavings.