Cutting aluminum, which bits or flutes to use?

Now just with pencil finish and waterline… faster speed settings…

Trying to figure out the YouTube embed…

Looks great! Single flute or two? The chips look ideal, the nasty sound when plunging is either a bit too fast with the plunge or ramp in and see it that helps.

Looks really good.

As for the embed just drop the link in, copy from youtube (regular share link not embed), paste here. It should take care of everything by itself. no need for the link tag or anything.

Final cut for tonight! time to celebrate and drink!!! Tomorrow a different job and test!!


Both cuts were with the single flute. Tomorrow I’ll try the 2fl. Any difference or advantage to using the 2fl on Aluminum?



I want to see how your tests go without influencing you too much. I think the single flute is the best choice for our tools RPM but I could be wrong.

Yaaaayyyy. Are you running a speed control? That didn’t sound 30k and the chips look too thick for it too.


I kind of want to do a live video too now. I usually eat pizza to celebrate.

Well done, glad to see the progress you’re making. Looking forward to seeing the results of the two flute test. The plunge speed is the one I’m still trying to dial in as well.

You can also change the plunge angle, or some call it ramp in. This all depends on the cutter, some bits can not actually plunge straight down, no teeth on that face, and have to ramp.

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Just woke up, getting ready to try this now with the 2fl. As for the rpm I thought that you run it slower or you’d burn the bit?

My tach was reporting around 8 to 9k. If that’s to low I’ll crank it up more!

Nothing like the smell of fresh chips in the mornin’

The way I think of it is tooth engagement. Twice as many teeth, so to keep the engagement similar you either need to spin it half as fast, or move it twice as fast. With that you can kinda see how the machine needs to be twice as rigid to do either. So this is where you might want to go a little less deep and adjust accordingly.

Almost done!! video coming shortly… I can definatly tell where higher RPM is key! I can tell when its cutting that cranking up the RPM that the cut lines or milling marks on the side almost disapear at 26 to 30k with the 2fl. But I never ran the 1fl at that RPM yet.


It’s kinda long but the whole thing is in here!


I got stuck (or coaxed) into going to the Chinese new year parade in downtown… I’ll be back in a few hrs but I’ve been setting up a new job to run!! can’t wait until later!!

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for abit guys! Been working on a couple of projects and did a couple of competitions this last weekend… but I decided to make a holder for my DLG glider… The one pic is what I going for (typical design) and copied from my friend’s unit… but then modified it.

After I made it up, I cut it out of 1/4 ply but I needed a jig for drilling holes in the redwood handles so I made up an Aluminum jig just for that!

Anyways… loving the machine!


That is a pretty cool stand. Keep that file handy I am sure people will be asking where you got it!