Cut the cord!

Don’t panic. It wasn’t an accident. I have the cord tied to my vac hose, which is tied to the motor wires. I want to mess around with other tools, like the pen, so I cut the cord and added a male end here, and a female end on the existing cord. I didn’t realize it was just two conductors, so I shouldn’t have bought a 3 conductor cable. But it’s working now, and I can remove the router in 10 seconds.


Was thinking of replacing my dewalt cord with silicon wire. Have a bunch of 18 awg silicon from another project.

I wanted to do the same thing a few times. I hand sanded some corner round overs last week because I didn’t want to take off all my wire velcro to use the 611.

Yeah, that’s the other half of it. I want to make something like this little router table, but I’ll probably just make it a board, with a hole, and clamp it to my bench:

I’m going to try these power connectors. They are available at Mouser.

Are they any cheaper. I priced those out and it was going to be over a hundred for the few power tools in my shop. They do seem nice though.

Yeah, $12 for just one side! Disc sander, belt sander, jigsaw, circular saw, 2 routers… $72 for the tools I have, and that doesn’t include the cable sides, and it doesn’t include new tools, like a sawzall or one of those vibrating saws. I forgot my Dremel. My Dremel barely costs $12. I’m pretty sure I bought these ones at HD for $1.99, but they are on Amazon for $3.50:

/grouchy old man rant… I do understand the appeal, I’m just internally conflicted. :frowning:

Sorry that I touched a nerve, they are expensive if you want convert all your tools. I’m planning on just putting them on the router to start. Mouser has them for $8.70 not sure about shipping though.

No apologies needed. I had a smile on my face during the whole rant. :slight_smile:

I really just want them to be cheaper. So bad, because they do seem really nice.



may be this



and you don t need so many connector the same cord can be use for all tools

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Yeah. Wow. AliExpress FTW.

Is this a case of mouser/Amazon middleman profit or a Chinese counterfeit not paying for the design? Ungh, why do I have such moral dilemmas when shopping?

Thanks for pointing those out. I might buy them and then feel guilty and but some of the expensive ones.

I planing do that also but I have so many tools. that I just need to go for Ali:D

The Neutrik connectors are used commercially in sound and lighting. I’m guessing the Ali express ones are knock offs, no UL to be found I’m sure.

it’s funny some people are drawn to gold and diamonds but we covet power connectors. Could be worse!



Took me a bit to get Aliexpress to switch back from the French version after that. :slight_smile:

sorry for the french version i didn t think about that when i post the link

thanks every body for all the work in this website

If you only need two connectors, you could also look at Bosch connectors like used in cars.

I turns out to be quite easy to do, there’s a link at the top of the page (Go to Global Site (English)) to get you back to normal. It just took me a while to notice it, even though it was about the only portion of the page in English. :wink: