"Cut" Lines in tool path

So I am trying to cut out my daughters name; and wanted to test the cut by drawing it first, the gcode would be the same for both runs , with the depth for the cut being 12.75mm rather than 1mm.

I have uploaded both sets of GCode; I am sure it is just me missing a setting in ESTL or not putting gcode in.

I have also attached a link to the video of the test run.
The paths I am referring to are to the top left of the “M” ; the middle of the “M” and from the “A” to the “K”.
I think that it is the Z axis not coming up high enough to clear the top , or could possibly be my Z axis is not planer(I thought it was).

Thanks again for the help. This forum is awesome!

MakenzieDraw.gcode (167.8 KB)
MakenzieCut.gcode (2.1 MB)

Figured this out ; their is a clearance plane setting in estl. I can post a screen shot later for any one else who has this problem , or I can delete the post. @vicious1 which would you prefer?



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Best to follow this guide as a starting point.
I found all essential data in the text/screenshots :slight_smile: