Customer Sign for the Lake.

This little project used both purposed of MPCNC… Router and Laser.

In total this project took about 21 hours. It is 20"x10".

The sign itself is cut from 1 1/2" cedar using a 1/4" bit. 1200mm/s DOC 1mm. This last few rounds really was testing the limits of my machine for rigidity as the bit was rubbing pretty good. I only had about 2mm on the bit to spare to cut all the way thru and the bit was no where near being all the way in the chuck.

Lasering simple and time consuming as usual. Black outline, lettering and the trees engraved at 1800mm/min, Full power on my 6 watt. It probably bit in to the cedar 3mm.

This is officially the biggest project I have done to date in terms of physical size… and still no where near my 4’x4’ cutting area LOL

That looks awesome. Did you apply a finish? I can’t help but wonder what it would look like after a winter outside. I think it will look awesome.

No I just cut and engraved. They want the bare bones for cost so it is up to them to protect it. I suggested that they stain it then spray it with urethane afterwards.

Might be cool looking to let it weather for a season before sealing it too.

Looks great!

That looks awesome! What are you using for the laser software i use the inkscape add on for the lines but cant do infill and i also use the image to dxf and works good.
Here are some i carve for Christmas presents. And the Marilyn Monroe is done on a bit holder with my 7.2watt laser.





For my laser work I use 1 of 2 products… Either PEP5 or image 2 gcode for raster engraves. I have done very little vector engraving but used inkscape when I did.

For your Monroe pic… what settings did you use. I have been having a hard go at doing images with my 6 watt. What is your pixel res, speed, power etc?

Ok thanks i will have to get that a try. I used the stock settings and select the wood preset and the picture was a stock pic that came with the software as well.
Have you ever tried cut through any acrylic or wood yet.

No I have not done any cutting with the laser.

I will have to keep battling with the images