Customer satisfaction survey machine

The head of the IT-Support of my enterprise recently contacted me with a simple request.

We have a specific physical service we call “IT Kiosk” where users can just drop by and have their problems fixed without any appointment or formal request
We’d like to ask our users about their satisfaction, we already send them an email, but no-one really answers those, so we’d like a physical device to collect this data

The original plan was to use some extra buttons on a pen tablet device they already have, but -as always - I went a bit overboard :stuck_out_tongue:

I slapped this together in-between other projects on the course of two days



  • The ESP32 board runs Tasmota firmware, it provides a simple and comprehensive webUI to configure wifi and connected devices

  • The Tasmota firmware also provides a scripting language called “Berry” that allows you to trigger any code/script on specific events. I wrote a simple script that makes an http call with a specific value whenever a button is pressed

  • The HTTPcall is received by a Microsoft 365 Power Automate flow.
    This flow receives the user satisfaction note in the body, and adds a line to an excel file hosted on OneDrive or Sharepoint

    This API Flow could also be called by any other device or program (eg: by the pen-tablet on a button-press, or by a touchscreen displayigng a web page) and provide the same functionnality

  • The Excel file can then be opened by anyone in the team, and various analysis and graphs can be easily produced

The most interesting part of this project was in fact that I did not really have to make anything
In the end it’s just an assembly of various ressources made available by other makers that I just cutted/ assembled / configured

I did not design the box, nor did I write any arduino code forthe ESP32 (only a few script lines), even the “API” side is a “no-code” flow supported by Microsoft 365

I find it quite fascinating that you can achieve all of this so easily, just by re-using existing bricks :slight_smile:
This probably wouldn’t have been possible a few years ago

And it will even become easier and easier with IA assistants (I tried but it wasn’t all that effective yet…)
We will still need people designing and writing those frameworks/systèmes, but it’s indeed a great shift for end users


lI was counting bats going in and out of a bat box 15 years ago with arduino uno and Infared leds and wifi to a cvs file then imported in to office. When google sheets becam availabl I t was much easier to have it log directly to the cloud
Even then most was bulding block assembly but not all

Nice work- thanks for the write up.

Great integration the bricks are avalable and the motor is your work and you supplied to make the project stable and workable adding the hardware was a work of genius