Custom ToolMount

Hi everybody,

this is my first topic here. I find this project very interesting. The concept and the community are really nice.
I started to build the MPCNC with 25mm conduits some weeks ago, but I wanted to use a ballscrew for the z-axe.
Thus, my intention is to design a custom ToolMount with an integrated bearing in order to keep the ballscrew in place.
Is there any chance that I could have the source of F-ToolMount.STL for 25mm conduits?

Thank you very much in advance!!


That wonโ€™t work you need an anchor point the z motor/mounts and tool mount are part of the same system.

Ho Ryan, thank you for your reply.
Yes I know that they are on the same part. In fact, the anchor point is the ball nut that is fixed to the gantry. The ball screw will be fixed at itโ€™s extrema as well, in order to keep it in place.