Custom Family Name Puzzle

We’ve have some close friends and I wanted to make them something nice for Christmas. Came up with this design and thought it turned out quite well!

The idea is their last name starts with the letter “L” and then each of the pieces inside the “L” is one of the members of the family with the first letter of their name engraved on that piece. All the pieces are removable and individual. I custom designed each “puzzle piece” and that was by far the hardest thing. Trying to get different looking pieces that fit together but that also would lock together and not fall apart. It was challenging and I ended up with some issues in my cad file that caused some gaps and I didn’t realize till it was too late; but all in all it turned out well.

The puzzle pieces are oak I believe (it was in my cut off bin so not 100% on that) and the frame is Blood wood. Which is apparently is like working with steel the stuff is so dense. I also did not cut the L frame on the MPCNC. That I did by hand with 45 degree miters. In hindsight I wish I had done it on the CNC cause those miters were miserable.


Looks great, the CAD on the puzzle pieces looks like it could be fun fully defining the sketches. I hate miters myself, never get them right by hand


Thank you! They were kind of a pain to get the reverse shape into the mating piece and a couple of them got screwed up. But it ended up working!

That’s a clever design. Nicely executed.

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