Current Reccomendations on implementing Lowrider2 Dual Y Dual Z Endstops

I’m upgrading my LR2 (circa 2020) to use dual endstops on the Y and Z. Designed a mount for the endstops that I’m happy with, and am at the point of wiring and compiling Marlin.

Running an SKR Pro and have manually zero’d for years, but have some stuff where repeatable non-manual homing would be much kinder.

I’m looking for some feedback from those of you with Dual Homing, what you recommend, any gotchas, etc…

  1. Normally Open/Closed?
  2. It’s got 6 endstop connections… I was intending on wiring up 5 (Y-Left Z-Left, Y-Right, Z-Right, and X-Min)… But maybe I should also wire up X-Max
  3. I also have a V1 Z-Probe… Can I wire that up with dual endstops?
  4. There’s a lot of old stuff in the forum, some of which seems dated on this subject… Anything that is no-longer required?
  5. With only the X axis Im considering Sensorless homing? Thoughts?
  6. Any other Gotchas?
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You should be able to set it up and run the same dual endstop firmware for the LR3. If you set it up to home to Z+ that will also set you up to use the touch plate for Z0. All endstops wire normally closed. That way if you have a wire break or come loose its a failsafe. You can also wire up an endstop for X that it can hit. Back when I had my LR2 I had it all wired this way and it worked great

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Thanks @Jonathjon that matches with what I found on:

If you are running the Current firmware you will need to have your endstops wired in Normally Closed (NC), this is the outer two tabs on the endstops, we do not use the middle one. You will plug into the Signal and Ground pins, Do not use the + pins. Use Ground “G” and Signal “S” pins, they are labeled on the back of the board.

Wasnt exactly where I thought it would be covered, but seems to have covered most of the endstop and touch plate basics.

Interesting about homing Z+ with the endstops.

The pic on the SKR Board shows the touchplate plugged into where Z-MIN usually goes.

What is the homing sequence? I’m hoping (Y1, Y2) then (Z1, Z2)… I dont care when X homes.

Going with V1CNC_SkrPro_DualLR_2209-2.1.1 and going through config and config_adv to make things as I prefer… Last time I did this was Marlin :slight_smile:

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Its been a little while since I was running on an SKR but I believe it homes Z first, then X, then Y. You want to home Z first so it raises the beam up where it can move without hitting the table. You wont use the touch plate until you are starting a job. Look in the milling basics and you can see the start and tool change gcode to put in estlcam for using the touch plate.

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^ This if using the Home buton in the Home menu. But you can also home each axis individually in whatever sequence you want using the individual X., Y or Z buttons in the Home menu. But as @Jonathjon suggests, always make sure that you lift the Z axis before doing any other movements (ask me how I know…)


Up and running… I added a custom homing sequence to the custom menu in Marlin and resurfaced my spoil board…