Cura does not print via USB

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First I want to know if I post the topic in the right place or not? :roll_eyes: If not , please guide me.:grimacing:

I have been using Cura slicer since version 3.6 , I am currently using the version 4.3 with My Creality CR-10S 3d-printer and I was printing via USB cable without any problem on all versions of Cura.

But after I installed the Repetier-Host and Estlcam V11 For the MPCNC machine I am currently assembling; I can no longer print on the CR10S via USB cable.

The printer start heating the Build-Plat and stops there and does not go to heating the Nozzle.

I can move the motors on all axes through the Monitor page in Cura.

I can send the pre-heating command for both of Build-Plat and the Nozzle.

I deleted the Repetier-Host, installed older versions of Cura but no use. Printing via USB cable is still not working.:pensive:

Printing through the microSD card is working perfectly, but I prefer printing through the cable for short-range printing or to do some calibrations, that do not often need more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Is there anyone who has gone through the same problem? Or someone has an idea of ​​what’s going on.

I would normally suggest looking at your task list to see if repetier-server is running, but you say Cura can move the motors, and repetier-server would shut out the entire USB connection…

Yes my friend as i mentioned the printer moves and takes orders from the monitor page also the print via usb cable option is showing in the preview page and taking the order.
The printer start to heating the build plat and reach the required temperature but stop there and do not start heating the nozzle

It’s like the ‘ok’ message isn’t getting back, or else maybe it’s a setting in cura. I haven’t heard of that here. Is there a way in windows to see what programs have a connection to the serial port? In linux, it would be lsof.

I really don’t know :roll_eyes:

I think I will format my pc and reinstall windows and everything else and start to test the printing via usb with every new program (estlcam-Repetier-Host -prusa slicer and such those ) to find which one had effected the cr10s driver to act like that

its will be a very loooooong night

defiantly I need to check my coffee store :coffee:

Oh no. Does that still happen often in Windows? :smile: :sob: :slightly_smiling_face:

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1 Like It’s a bit round-about, but does let you know which task is using the serial port.

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