Cube MPCNC in Bor, Serbia

My MPCNC Parts - 25 mm / Nema23
PLA, res.0.3mm, infill 30%

And Little progress - bearings are placed


Nice colors!

The colors are great and I am curious to know what the corners are for?

I mean no offense in any way but why nema 23’s? I run the 84oz nema 17’s and have never had a problem with power, the gantry will actually deflect before I have stepper power issues.

These look like a piece a art.



I have 14 nema 23 motors.

That’s why I work with them.

I’m also curious what are those 3 way corner pieces?

Assembly - Small & Big update

What do you plan on doing with that?

something like this


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Can’t wait to see it.