Crown Test - Estlcam Basics

Ive built my first CNC, the LowRider V3 and followed the tutorial exactly and created my own crown test file:

Put the tip of the pen (or tool) a hair above where you want it to start and hit run. It should pick up, move, drop down and go.

The LowRider doesn’t do that, he tries to move to the “real home” (where the endstops are) instead.

I compared my own generated .gcode with the .gcode that the tutorial provides after that step and found out that the “pre-made” .gcode does have this line, which mine does not have:

G92 X0 Y0 Z0

This seem to reset the “home” location. After some googling I found out that many of V1E Users are using this code.

But Im confused:
The tutorial does not mention this line of code anywhere.

Have I done a mistake while generating my crown test? Im pretty sure I’ve followed the tutorial 100%.
Or do I have to manually add this code anytime I want to start it from where it currently is?
Have I overlooked something, because I can’t find any tutorial/instruction on V1E to use this code yet.

Thank you in advance for your tips!

Ive saw on @DougJoseph video (LowRider v3 CNC, Giant Crown Test on new full-sheet table! - YouTube) that he has an option “zero x / y / z” which I think replaces the G92 command?
I can’t find this option in the latest TFT35 GD firmware, there is just “home x/y/z” nothing to “zero out”.
Am I right?
Does that mean its impossible to zero out without GCODE?

Going from memory here…

The Tutorial says to run this code…

which already has that G92 x0 y0 z0 in it

move your pen to the spot you want it to start. move your z down to where the pen is just barely touching. then start that code.

If your code isnt setting it to 0 where your at then its always going to want to go to where zero is. which is why its moving back to your endstops

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that option is on the marlin side. not on the TFT side. you can switch to the marlin menu by holding the button for 3 seconds and selecting marlin. then its under the v1 custom menu

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As @Jonathjon mentioned, the directions are referring to use of the pre-built, ready made Gcode file for drawing a crown. If you generate your own code, then you would need to either include the command to set your work origin, or else handle it manually.

There are two “origins”: the machine origin (which gets “found” by the machine when “homing”) and the work origin, which you set based on the location and thickness of your work material.

The task of setting the work origin (“zeroing” X, Y, and Z) is a frequently done thing, and worth having its own buttons on the TFT. If your current firmware does not include handy buttons for that, then the menu can be edited to add them. While I know it can be done, I’ve not had to do it. My TFT got those buttons either by the original firmware or by some tweaked version I added. Cannot remember which!


You can also add the code in Estlcam and tell it to always include it in every program.


It does catch a lot of people. Maybe we should add a note to set the zero to the basic instructions.

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Thank you all for your suggestions & time to answer this question!

Great suggestion!

Because the whole tutorial on that page is about creating the crown .gcode manually without mentioning this command step.

The “ready to use” crown file seems to be optional because of that & is put after the 8th step:

Put the tip of the pen (or tool) a hair above where you want it to start and hit run.

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