Cross forum question

Hey @Ryan are you able to recognize us when we post in other things? Saw you liked my post on facebook.

No, I generally do not get Facebook notifications. I check in every so often, when I head over there I go down the list for a while.

I was speaking more about who we are. Mine is fairly obvious but others probably not.

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I tagged you there a day or two ago - there was a bloke chasing you so hope he got sorted.

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Ha, nope. Usually I just recognize the projects. Happens with orders as well.

Yeah, thank you. He had .coom in his bouncing emails. Fixed it for him.

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It’s always a pleasant surprise when you pop in there. I’ll log in and have 8 notifications.

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Well, I use the same avatar on FB, which was drawn by my kid. Some of you all I recognize, and some, less so

You fools!

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What’s facebook? :slight_smile:

It’s where all the old people went after MySpace was no longer popular.