Cronometro carreras de atletismo

PVC espumado cortado en mpcnc y display impresos es mp3dp


Cool. A project that uses both an MPCNC and an MP3DP!

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Cool, Have not seen one of these before!

That looks great. Can you share any details about the electronics or software to run the clock?

si claro, pero es super sencillo, arduino mini pro con un rtc (ds3107), cada display con un driver hecho con un 4511 asociado a un ldu2003 para manejar los leds en 12v. recientemente se corrio la maraton de buenos aires y fue guiando la punta de la carrera.


Simple is great! I haven’t seen the 4511 chip before. Very useful.

I have vague ideas of making an enormous clock for my wall, and having wifi control over the number to use as a score board when we play games with the family.

The 4511/uln2003 combo would make that a lot easier. I keep thinking it would be made from ws2812 pixel strips.

Thank you for sharing. Looks like a fun project and a fun event to be part of.


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Did you make the PCBs too?

The videos are private, so I can’t see them.

si, ahi corregi para que se pueda ver.

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Nice! Thanks for sharing your project, and what an honor to have made something that so many ppl got to enjoy. By the way, I assume the videos were sped up a little bit? If not, you must have some serious stepper drivers!

si, esta filmado con camara rapida… no viaja tan rapido mi mpcnc…