Creality cr-10 S4 board to build a lowrider2

hello everyone

new here (event a longtime reader) so please bare with me

I have salvaged couple parts from my cr-10 s4 mainly the board, a Creality v2.1 (to witch I added a fifth stepper to be compatible)
but the board only have 3 end stops so was wondering if I can switch couple unused ports to use as end stops to get dual y&z squaring
also want to add also either one or 2 SS relays to turn on the Dremel (not sure if I should put it directly or just the tube shaft is enough) and the vacuum, event mainly it’ll be used as a laser cutter with a nene 10w laser, but im not completely sure about the wiring of one ac to ac ssr that I was sent mistakenly from aliexpress

I wanted to use a 32bit board that I have laying around like the mks e3d with the an extension and with closed loop nema17 motors but read somewhere here that its not recommended, thought itll be better since there’s no skipping steps so it’ll work but maybe im mistaken

wanted to build the lowrider 3 instead since its newer but the project was delayed enough, and the table I have will be used for other stuffs so can’t have the aluminium bar fixed on it yet, and didn’t see any mixes or versions of the belts fixed on the side

would reaaaaaally appreciate your help with the build and thank you all for your efforts and to Ryan for the project

have a wonderful day

The marlin setup we use needs 5 endstop signal pins. But any pins will work for that.

Using your own board will require you to do your own configuration.

The first MPCNCs used dremels. The weight is no problem, but some of them have a lot of runout and they are all underpowered. Even the dw660 is 600W.

so all that’s needs to be done is edit the pins in the board/pins file for the mega2560 ?? to add the end stops and that’s all ??

im not gonna cut anything hard, maybe pcbs, Arcylic and plywood maybe later add the recommended dewalt or something or the sort

thans for your help Jeff