Creality 3D 42-34 and 42-40 stepper motors

Hi, I have two Creality 3D 42-34 and two Creality 42-40 stepper motors, can I use two of them in the ZenXY build?

I don’t know those motors specifically. But almost any nema17 will work on the zxy. It doesn’t have difficult torque requirements and you only need 2. The shaft length might make a difference l. But they mostly have about the same length shaft too.

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thank you for your reply!

When looking for steppers motors, should I look for D shaft or round shaft? And what shaft length is desirable?

It seems like 42-34 is used for the x,y and z axis on a lot of Creality´s printers.

42-40 is used for the extruder.

Possible, just be carrefull for each motor step per rotation, but they are the same for those two.
Only difference between those motors is the physical size.

Yes it will work like a charm, I did it when I stripped my ender 3 :smiley: