Crazy mashup?

This popped up in my youtube feed. Kinda looks like some of my parts mashed up with a bunch of custom stuff. Quick googling popped up no further info.

It’s only a few days old. Looks interesting though.

Looks like It’s on Thingiverse now

I was going to mention that yesterday when it showed up on my thingiverse dashboard. Anything tagged cnc shows up there. It’s a good idea for the side rails. Any shitty conduit will work for that, just needs more supports if it sags. Then use the more expensive stainless for the gantry tubes.

Except that if the table sags, the CNC will fly over it. The rollers on the LR will follow the table some. Maybe the supports will help pull it to the table.

Or support the table so it doesn’t sag. A couple of 2x4’s mounted to the underside of the table would do it.

so ive had an idea in my head for a while now which is like this but to cut my lawn. My lawn is very uneven cause i have a husky which likes (as huskies do) to dig alot. So my idea is to have rails semi permanently installed along the edges, then have the rest of the gantry such that it can be dropped in from the ends when it comes to cutting time, to keep everything else from rusting/getting wet.

The plan is to have it inteligently cut the lawn raising and lowering the z to cope with the holes in the ground based on a ultrasonic distance measure or even a roller ahead of the cutter. It could even do the intial pass mapping the contours and then the second pass doing the cut.

The cutter can just be a strimmer type device with a hose to a vacuum. I doubt i will ever do this but i hate mowing so maybe in time. Thanks for sharing this design i think it bring my idea a little closer to possible.

I can tell you right now, ultrasound doesn’t like to work over grass. Had to replace some quadcopter props because I went from over gravel to over grass. Soon as it hit the grass the quad freaked out and went full power for some reason. Right into a tree. Thought it was a fluke, so after I fixed it, I tried again, second time I recovered since I was expecting it. Pulled the ultrasound sensor off the quad and didn’t have any issues with it after.

Also, you must have a small yard. No way a gantry will make it across the yard without sagging into it otherwise.

A 2x4 isn’t going to be as straight as a pipe, especially after a month of sitting there under load. That’s my $0.02, but I’ve never tried it, so maybe I’m wrong.

Having something that just drove over your lawn, like a roomba would be much better and simpler to keep the height away from the dirt. Does it matter that the ground is varying heights? Can you just cut everything to the plane, and have some grass longer and some shorter? I’ve also thought of putting a rail on one side of the lawn, and driving across the lawn, but I was thinking of just piping a super high powered laser across the lawn instead. Actually, I don’t even need it to move, it can just rotate across the lawn. I’d have a loud foghorn to warn any repairman/dogs/children, and I’d only run it in the middle of the night. The idea needs work, but it’s pretty close to a kickstarter.

My next project is a DIY ardumower.

It will only have about a 12" cutting width, so it should be pretty good at following most small dips. My dog has a rut down one side of the yard I have to deal with too.

A 2x4 so that the 4" part is vertical will stay pretty flat. You could always use them with another piece of MDF on the bottom like a typical torsion box.

DUDE, Heffe you are onto something. A laser power lawn trimmer. If you have a flat enough lawn and a CO2 laser, pew pew, lawn is done. I think that is better than sharks with frickin laser beams. If I had a lawn I swear I would buy a laser just to try it. Sweep the beam and vary the focal distance with each sweep.

That CNC is good, he built an amazing sexy looking MPCNC. The one grip I have is he used the standard MPCNC Z axis and lost a lot of the rigidity of the Lowrider and the Z axis flexibility. The LowRider is the strongest at the bottom of the cut, where it needs it most, the MPCNC is strongest at the top of the cut, not ideal but it gives more freedom. So he made a rigid frame that is most rigid at the top of the cut, a large MPCNC. I love some of the ideas though.

Didn’t I just see an article on a Roomba-like garden weeder that the guy who originally did Roomba is putting on Kickstarter?

Ah, here it is. Wouldn’t be a big stretch to convert to a lawnmower.