Cpc and fixing corrosion on boards

This is very off topic but I have used it for a long time and it has saved me ALOT of money and protected many things.
I recently have had a water intrusion situation and I feel like someone on here can probably benefit from it as well.
There is a lot of info and it seems like it’s publicly available now a days.
It’s a product called ACF50
Here is one TDS

Contains no silicone, resins etc and is supposed to not gum up.
I had my wife’s suv fill up with about 5 gallons of water while we went on a trip. The leak was due to a roof rack rail nut not being in place. Long story short all my body control modules filled up with water and had shorted and started corroding.
Car was a no start and failed enroute in the mountain passes.
I isopropyl ultrasonic cleaned the boards. (Be careful as most cleaners heat the fluid )
Then brushed and treated with acf50 cleaned and it managed to get all my boards back working.
I have a couple before and afters.

Delete if not allowed just thought someone could find a use.


You should check what type of wire you have in the vehicle before doing this.
But I feel like it may help someone in here.
It saved my bacon this time.
No faults anymore.


My sunroof leak and water got into my BCM as well. I think I’ll try this and see if it brings it back to life. Thanks for the info!


De isoniazid water can work for the clean too.
Some of the spots the computers are in are terrible.
This was last case fix for me so I tried and it’s been good.

Sorry to hear about your leak. Thanks for your post, I appreciate learning about ACF-50 from you. Have an outdoor LED/electronic project (house numbers) that’s slowly but surely failing. In my haste, I didn’t use a conformal coating during assembly.

Will probably try this out before using something like MG Chemicals Silicone Conformal Coating frequently used by YouTubers dunking their drones into salt water, unless someone here recommends something better?



Flight test has some neat videos here. Flite Test | Waterproofing Electronics - YouTube
They do some comparisons of alternatives. I think there is quite a bit around that will accomplish the same job.
I have tried the fluid film before but it will attract a lot of environment.


Don’t get me started…

My ex managed to kill the ECU in a Mazda 606, because it sits right in front of the cup holder. Turns out that filling the ECU with caramel mocha latte isn’t good for it. Who knew?

That is a weird place for the ecu.

but… that’s exactly where it is.

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Latte resistant center console… the bane of any auto engineers existence.

Oh yeah that is also a silly spot.
I had to take all the computers apart clean and now i am confident I could drive underwater lmao.
I literally treated everything. Undid all the wire looms inspected and treated them all.
I have been inspecting it for a while and doing water tests.
I have some pretty wild videos if anyone has a gl or ml350
Take a look right now
Open hatch pull the tire well out and if there is water pop your drains and get prepared


You probably either saved it from being salvaged, or saved untold amounts on having an auto tech fix that.

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Tried insurance they denied
Drove 3.5hrs through the snowy mountains with nothing and I mean only engine and trans manual shift. No light no wipers no Speedo no tach.
I am 4hrs away from a dealer and all the computers are vin coded so it’s a thing.
I would have had to re tool for specific Mercedes scan tool and clone eeproms and flash nee or old boxes. It was looking very bad that’s why I thought I would share.
I am sorry to be so far off topic but it’s truly amazing that I was able to get this back imo.

I just uploaded these I am new to you tube uploads but have a peek