Could Dynamic Molding Be Bigger than 3D Printing?

I can’t insert links into my posts so if you’re interested, google an article from Engineering DOT com called “Could Dynamic Molding Be Bigger than 3D Printing?”

I came across this article when looking for a solution to make instant, dynamic (each one different) forms with expanding foam (or something).

I’m curious if this is truly revolutionary technology or can be replicated a different way by current tech.


From the description the resolution may be a factor, also it may have the same limitations of injection molding, you can’t do tricks with the interior like you can with 3D prints, there is no inside man on the job. Don’t really know enough about it from what I read, assuming they get to programmable balloon animal, where you can pour stuff in without high pressure, it is still molding. Sounds interesting, but I am not sure the dragons would invest until it’s more advanced.


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This article?

Seems pretty neat. I like the idea that you can tweak the mold, and then within minutes have something in the shape you want. I’m not sure it would fit in the home, because of all the molton plastic you’d need. I think it would be particularly interesting for molding where the shape wasn’t exactly the output product. Something that would warp after it cooled, for example. Those seem incredibly hard to make (to me) and having the ability to tune it precisely with each part until it is perfect would make that easier.

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I think that mostly comes down to the pin size they settle on. There is not much substance in that article but I am reading it like small scale casting. Maybe it allows undercuts with retractable pins? Lost of questions.

Actual injection molding is incredibly dependent on dimensions, there is shrinkage and a ton of pressure involved.

I would love to see some more cast-able materials that do not require heat/cool/much pressure. With CNC machines and 3D printers more common we are capable of making very nice molds cheaply, but casting epoxy is not the same as injection molded ABS with fiber fill.

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