Core assembly - bolts won’t fit?

Hi all -
Long weekend and we finally started our LR3 build.

We bought the core and hardware from V1.

We can not seem to get past step two, as the bolts that need to slide in to hold the bearings are a really tight fit. Is it possible that the core sat too long and swelled up?

Any recommendations on what to do?

Some pics might be helpful. Is it the head of the bolt that won’t fit, or the shaft, and do you have the bolt orientation correct (with the head of the bolt being captured vs. the nuts in the first step) ?

I printed my own parts, and everything pushed together perfectly with just the right amount snugness.

Thanks Matt -

It is the shaft of the bolt that won’t fit through. What we ended up doing is essentially screwing the bolt in as far as it could, then used a hammer to tap it the rest of the way to seat.

By flipping four of the bolts, and a bit of a gentle force, we were able to get everything in.

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You could also try cleaning out the holes with an appropriately sized drill bit, but without the ability to reprint parts I would proceed slowly and conservatively if you attempt that.

That is fine, normally I screw them in as far as I can and pull them the rest of the way with the nut. I try to make the holes as snug as possible to keep things from moving later on. Tight bolt means less adjusting later.

Thanks Ryan. That’s what I suspected, but was having a hard time grabbing the nut to pull it through. Appreciate the quick reply!

I used slightly undersized drill bit, but in reversed direction to help ream holes too tight for the bolts to be screwed in enough for the nuts to pull them through. Only lightly ream so holes stayed tight. PLA is brittle so I was wary of, and tried to avoid, love tapping with a hammer. Good luck!