"Converting" MPCNC to LowRider

Well, nobody is happy with my MPCNC’s anemic cutting area (including me, if I’m, so I’m looking at converting over to a LowRider. As near as I can tell, I can pretty much reuse my electronics, correct? And a lot of the hardware can probably be reused as well.

Thanks for your input. :slight_smile:


What size and what material are you primarily working with?

I wouldn’t say “nobody”. But there’s a lot of advantage to having a bigger build volume.

I used all the electronics from my MPCNC for my low rider. I bought new hardware though, because I can use the spares and I wasn’t sure how much I would get easily from the build.

Conveniently, you can cut the lr parts yourself :).

Mostly I’ve just been playing around with plywood/mdf. I built my MPCNC to have a 12"x12" cutting area. I want to be cutting at least 4x4, but I have enough room in my shop to do a full 4x8, so I’m probably going to do that. I’ll mostly be working in wood/mdf/plastic, but might try the occasional bit of aluminum, but that isn’t a requirement by any stretch.

Biggest thing I ever cut on it was about 3 by 4 foot. It could do 4 by 4 though. I would recommend the lowrider for big stuff though. Now I have both!

[attachment file=61175]

My MPCNC was 2’x3’ and my low rider is 4’x3’. The low rider is more square and rigid at these sizes. I haven’t ever cut one huge piece on the low rider though. The biggest thing I’ve cut was actually on the MPCNC (my kitchen helper).

And, of course, my MPCNC’s cutting area is an inch shy of being able to cut out the low rider’s parts. Options:

  1. Expand the cutting area of the MPCNC. Cost: more pipe, more timing belt, time.
  2. Print out templates on my large format printer, glue them to board and cut out by hand with scroll saw. Cost: time, paper, accuracy.
  3. ???
Which option would y'all go with?

Just cut the holes and the top edge, you can do the outline by hand, nothing critical there.

12.212598" hole center to hole center is the longest dimension I can find. This just might work. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Said every rag-tag bunch of heroes right before their high risk plan defeats the villain. I like your chances.