Convert my lowrider 2 to a lowrider 3

Can someone help me or guide me to transform my lowrider 2 into a LOWRIDER 3?. In addition, the LOWRIDER 2 nevera worked well for me at times it came out of the sides and when i sent a file it Made it bigger, ir may be because of the aforementioned. I hace it collenting diste and apparently the LOWRIDER 3 is more stable bye having amd axis anchored to the tablet. Please i need dime help. Thanks.

There is a BOM for conversion, basically you need M5 and M8 nuts and bolts, and maybe a few idlers
You also need to print every LR3 part of course
If you don’t plan on changing dimensions, both X tubes are re-usable from the LR2 but you have to buy an extra tube for the Y axis

Apart from that, motors, electronics, psu and such can be reused

I just completed the conversion and it’s Indeed a lot more rigid

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Thanks for your answer. i have only one question, the tube i have is 1"(25.4mm) and there are LOWRIDER 3 parts that i don’t know which to print. Could You guide me on which ones i should print?.

There are 25p4 variants for braces and rail blocks
I think they are the only parts where the diameter has an influence

As always, print one (eg: a rail block) and check the fit

okay. I’ll print one to see which one fits my tube. What layer height did you use for the prints?

Printed at .35 with a .6 nozzle

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