Control board

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Hi ppl.

Love this project and trying to get the parts together and was wondering if i could repurpose this board out of a wanhao printer. I believe it is a melzi board and runs a form of marlin and is flash able. Would anybody know?



Not too sure, atmega 128 and something odd with the firmware. I am sure you can get it to work but it might not be worth it.

the version i have is 5.1

already has bootloader and so on, not like the old versions. so i can flash it easily via usb.

from what i understand with my limited knowledge is modifying the marlin firmware is basically just changing the config to suit ur board. is that correct or is there more involved?

Also if I was to buy a new board instead is there an advantage to getting something like the duet board instead of the rambo? they are much better in the 3d print world and little extra cost

If it really is a 128, you might not be able to use the newer advanced features, I really am not sure. But yes, two config files to adjust.


I think you would be comparing the duet and Archim, again, never looked into duets much.

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I looked into it a bit more. From what I gather you can use just about any board depending how much you want to modify the firmware. for example I think I could use this board but would need to reassign some of the pins for the dual endstops. There is enough ports and drivers on the board just not assigned for 2 x motors and endstops.

Anyone with good knowledge of marlin be able to chime in and confirm for me please?