Contact for V1

Does anyone have contact info for someone at V1? I filled out the contact us form over a week ago but did not receive a reply.


I see your email. Can you please send more info/terms though the same form.

I just submitted another contact form. Thanks!

Hello I have contacted you 3 times from the contact page and still haven’t received anything from you. I really need to talk to a person. Thank you

Can you post here what you are needing help with? Forum is always the fastest response time. Ryan is a one man band trying to take care of everything. There are a TON of very knowledgeable guys here that can help with 99.9% of things a lot faster. And Ryan checks the forums multiple times a day.

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I need to purchase more the black stepper motor wire ribbon extensions with the endstop connected. I recently bought the MPCNC Kit and I built a 48"x48" work area CNC however I need more wire to run so it doesn’t pull itself apart, However there is nowhere on the store for it.

Is this what you are wanting?

Wow. 48" by 48" is HUGE for a Primo.

Are you sure that you don’t just need these?

Those extensions connect to the existing wires, then to the board, adding the needed length.

Seriously though, at 48" square, I think you’d have been much better off with a LowRider.

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Completely agree

Yes that was exactly what I needed and I considered the lowrider 3 but we engrave pet urns and such and needed the extra height for the boxes our anything else we are doing. The total work area is 48"x48"x6" with a table that we can lower and raise for certain requests.

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Thats where the LR3 on a drop table works perfectly. But if you are happy with what you have then thats great as well. Most of the time when you get that big with a Primo the flex gets real bad

Yep drop table, or, consider raising LowRider3 Y Rail and rollers onto stacks of MDF strips, or some other material that’s stable, and secured to the main table surface.

That is what I did for my full sheet machine when I originally built it. You could go as high as you need that way. I found I never used it so when i redid it I took that off and its been fine for my use case.

I have a little bit of flexing but I polished the tubes and that helps alot. I’m still getting feeds and speeds for the bits i currently have so i havent tired anything to stressful on it just yet. i might have to reduce the size if its a problem but currently thats where its at.

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Speaking as someone who had a taller mpcnc… Do whatever you can to keep the bit as close in height to the rails as possible. The farther down you go with the bit the more flex and chatter there is.

My LR3 has 128mm of Z axis via extended plates. I guess that’s only 5" instead of 6, but probably adequate.

Thanks Guys for your support and feedback. If I need anything else ill definitely post again.