Construction just about complete what are the next steps

So short of adding a spoil board (mdf strips and t-track for me) and cable management (still printing cable chains). So I am trying to figure out the last steps before making saw dust.

1 I am not sure the core is set right I have a couple of bearings not engaging and I don’t quite follow the troubleshooting on that, I broke a part early so I have been easy on the torque.

  1. With 3d printers there is a pretty well-known tuning procedure with the MPCNC is it just draw a big rectangle and adjust the stops.

Have you got a pen mount printed yet?
Before sawdust the famous crown is what is recommended to be drawn first. It will show you a lot about your machine.

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I do have a pen mount, the crown was on the list I was not sure if I should do the rectangle first.

They all need to. If you can’t get them to touch the rails, you can try to tighten the core clamps before putting them on the core. This way you can tighten them a bit more. It’s not the recommended way, but the way you choose when the problem persists. :slightly_smiling_face:

Crown test, not perfect but not awful

I guess