Congrats to Peter H (again) this time for being featured on the front page!

Last time I congratulated him it was for achieving “Star of Design Level 5” (Red Giant) (which I finally also achieved!). This time it’s for having one of his models featured on the main front page of!


Indeed! Well deserved!

Also mentioned here:


Thanks Doug, when I discovered it was a featured model I was astonished, but apparently it’s been “trending” too (whatever that means), it’s very cool when your 16 year old grandson tells you he’s been bragging to his mates. :smiley:

I was just lucky with this one - I’d put in quite a few “miles” of testing and developing and had it sitting ready to upload but it needed one more mod - the cam kept vibrating loose after prolonged sanding, so I held off till I’d modified it with a couple of magnets - then hey presto, the “magnet” competition was there!

That makes up for all the times I’ve uploaded a model only for them to make a competition out of a similar theme the next week!



That’s so cool about the timing working out! I too have been frustrated when I felt like I had a decent candidate that I had published just before a contest started and they would not permit it!


I remember seing the parametric vented funnel a few weeks ago and thought I should print one someday cuz I often need one. Just realized it was you that made it, that’s cool.

Now I can finally say I know a star for real :sunglasses:

Kudos on your achievement, the vacuum system is neat !


You are late. :joy:


Yep, Jamie also pointed out it was already posted elsewhere. I somehow missed that. However, it’s also cool to note that his feature on their front page was not for just a few hours but apparently for days.


Thanks for the kind words… but that funnel is the biggest surprise for me!

Man it’s got a life of it’s own - I devised it as a parametric exercise to work with as few parameters as possible and obviously quite a few people like it, but so many simply scale it up on their slicers!


What a wild ride that was!

The Camlock model has been removed from the “featured” models page today, and we are now just slipping rapidly back to obscurity after 2500 downloads in three weeks!

What’s even nicer is that quite a few people have been in touch to tell me how well it all works in their own situations, which makes me very satisfied indeed.

Ahh well, that’s my five minutes of fame done, I’ve got some bits for a CNC machine round here some where that need attention!



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