Confused about rail / table sizes from calculator


If put 300x180x60mm into the calculator it gives me sizes for the rails that are longer than the table size it calculates.

Looking at the photographs it seems the rails don’t overhang the table so I’m confused about whether the table size is correct. I haven’t bought any wood yet so if it needs to be bigger then that’s OK.



The calculator provides minimum dimensions. Many of us will make a table that’s a bit bigger than minimum hence the confusion when you look at pics. Personally I prefer not to have the machine overhang the table so built a touch bigger than the calculated rail lengths.

OK, thanks. I think it’s probably best if I print the feet and set up the rails for measurement before ordering the MDF.

Here is a pic showing the difference between feet placement and tubing length:

The tubing ends at the edge of the ruler. The feet are about 15mm inside the end of the tubing. The minimum table footprint is to the outside of the feet.

The machine footprint in the calculator is even bigger than the end of the tubing, since the stepper motors hang out even further than the end of the tubing. The machine footprint size, plus some clearance, would be the minimum size of an enclosure. And the fact that the tubing and the steppers are bigger than the necessary table size is something to take into account if you want to push your table against a wall.

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Thanks, that’s very helpful. I’ve got a bench in the garage that’s larger than the footprint of the calculator so I’m fairly confident I can fit it in.