Confirm there are 68 printed pieces for the LR?

I’m preparing to print my parts (got the rest of the kit in the other day) and before I started I wanted to be sure I was getting this right. On the build page it lists 24 individual parts with several multiples of many of them. Grand total comes out to 68 parts total. Just wanted to be sure that all of the parts were necessary and it wasn’t like there are two versions of some parts. Don’t want to waste too much extra print time since I’ve only got one 3D printer. Thanks.

Don’t have a LR but you could try to compare with the parts set in shop:

68 parts seems to be too much but i could be wrong.

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Good point. Went through it and I think that’s the case. For the price, the time, and to eliminate possible wasted time from messing up prints I went ahead and ordered. Getting pretty pumped for this thing.