Configuring EstlCam for my new LR3

Hello everyone
I’m trying to familiarize myself with the LR3 that I built a few months ago, but I find some difficulty with the Gcode generated with EstlCam after having inserted in its configuration the starting Gcode for LowRider V3 that I found in Milling Basics.
My touch plate is 5mm, here are the first lines of code:

G90 ; Absolute positioning, just in case
G92 X0 Y0 ; set current position to 0, X and Y axes
M0 Attach probe ; pause to connect touch plate
G38.2 Z0 ; probe down to touch plate
G92 Z5 ; set new Z position to your plate thickness
G1 Z10 F900 ; Lift off touch plate
M0 Remove probe ;Pause for LCD button press

G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000 F2100
G00 Z15.0000 F480

;No. 1: Hole 16
G00 X37.4772 Y153.0784 F2100

I start the work from the Home position, then probe the touchplate and start printing the file.
Apparently it starts milling 5 mm above the surface it is supposed to engrave. Did I forget some line of code?
Furthermore, the M0 commands only return “Pause” without the indication “Attach probe” or “Remove probe”
I have the terminal on the touch function, should I perhaps switch to the Marlin version?
Thanks for any suggestion

On the V1E shop listing for the Tiny Touch Plate, there is a video that shows code and use of the touch plate.

He shows using “G28 Z” instead of “G38.2 Z0”

Perhaps this will help!?

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The outtakes at the end are cute :slight_smile:

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The code I used in the video is the basic setup from the Z-Probe part of the docs.
Since then I’ve changed my code to this:

G53 G38.2 Z-57 ; Probe Z
G92 Z7.9 ; Set current offset to 7.9mm for Z
G0 Z20 F480
G0 F3000

I believe G38.2 requires a destination in Z. So if you enter 0 it will probe down to 0. 0 may be above the touchplate. So in reality the touchplate would not be touched, and the subsequent G92 will set your Z0 to an inaccurate value.

The Z-57 in the first line is the surface of my spoilboard in machine coordinate space. I always turn the machine on in the same position (similar to zeroing with endstops I think) so my spoilboard surface is at Z-57 every time I start.
I use G53 G38.2 Z-57 to tell the machine to stop probing at Z-57 if it hasn’t touched the probe yet.

Does this help?

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