Configuring controller

once again i must seek advice from the forum im finished the lr3 build now im having isses configuring the controller on estlcam i downloaded the must current version i followed the steps outlined on the v1 website im stuck any help or direction is greatly appeciated

Can you send us a screenshot where exactly you don’t know what to do? That would help.

this is where im at not even sure i should be here

Most aren’t using ESTLCAM to control the CNC. What board are you running? We are using Marlin on the older boards and ESTLCAM just generates the g code. The Premade V1 setups for your board are using Marlin.

skr 1.2 pro i had a table top cnc from genmitsu that used easel so i have all those projects that i can download the gcode to estlcam load on to stick or sd card

this what i get

The SKR does not work with EstlCAM as a controller, regrettably.

Now I’m really confused

Estlcam has 2 modes.

One creates gcode for other machines, and how you send thst gcode is up to you. Mostly we put it on an SD card, and then run it from the machine, but you can also use cnc.js, octoprint, UGS, repetier host to send it to your SKR Pro.

The other mode does everythjng, but is more restricted in what boards it can use. I think an Arduino Uno with a cnc shield is the base model there, or an Arduino Mega. In that case you flash it with the Estlcam firmware, and Estlcam runs the jobs directly to the board. I have never used this mode, so I don’t know much about it.

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As an all-in-one solution, Easel did multiple jobs in a single tool, where most V1 users are using separate tools for the separate jobs. Take a look at the Software Workflow section of the DOCS. It does a good job of spelling out the layers in the stack, and steering you to good tools for each layer.

For certain specific hardware controllers, Estlcam can manage multiple layers of the stack, but not with the SKR boards. You’ll want to use V1 firmware (a pre-configured version of Marlin) on the controller, Estlcam for generating toolpaths, and your choice of design and gcode sending programs.