Conduit 25mm / solid 25mm pipe

Hi Guys,

So I have been having some trouble sourcing 25mm conduit and I have everything printed already the last thing i need is the conduit.

I have found someone that has 25mm piping but its completely solid.
My question is can i use the 25mm solid piping for the following:
Rails X
Rails Y

And then for Z Rails I reprint the parts for 25.4mm and use 25.4mm piping which i can source.



If you mix sizes, at some point you will have a part that interacts with both sizes, right?

I would think the moving x,y rails would benefit from the lower weight too.

Yeah i think you maybe right, im just thinking what i can do without reprinting everything. I’ll keep searching around and I know at some point ill build another one but i just want to see how this works for the first time.

Yes, it should work, no big issue.
I think it is pretty easy to adjust the rollers and motor holders for slightly bigger tubes. As long as you re-print the central section it should probably be ok.

There are 3 sizes to chose from. What size is the conduit in your country?

Solid bar is not a good idea unless you are getting it dirt cheap and even then I would still only use it for the outer rails and legs.

I am based in New Zealand, and have found a place to get 25.4mm tubing. But yeah i was thinking maybe just doing the outer rails but i will still keep searching to be honest id even pay a little extra to get it shipped here if its reasonable as I just want to get this up and running to see what i can do with it :slight_smile: