Compress saw dust for grill or smoker

Anyone have a idea or simerlar to reuse the sawdust mine is only hardwood so I hate wasting it.

Maybe a auger into a cast smoke box just trying to control dust

I’ve seen videos where guys soak it in some kind of binder and then smash it into a firm with a 50 ton press and let it dry. Usually the binder includes some sort of paraffin and the logs are used as Firestarter. I’m not sure what you could use that would be good for cooking, though. I’ve got a whole trashcan full of pine and fir from an old project, but I’m cutting too much mdf now, so I haven’t looked at this in a couple years. Let is know if you come up with something.

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I’ve got several 33 gallon bags of cherry and oak saw dust and on of walnut not sure it its good for cooking but i like the smell maybe i should just haul them to the recycle center and start over

Definitely sounds like a lot of work to compress, and it’s a messy job. If you just like the smell, I think we’re back to some sort of smoke box or incense burner. I wonder if just soaking in water would be enough to press into small chunks you could handle?

no want to use for cooking did not know id walnut was good though may be to strong I thing the smoke box is best and will keep damp chips close by

Sv seeker YouTube channel did this with their cedar shavings.

It seems worth a try to get them wet, compress them, and then let them dry compressed. They won’t be strong enough to build a desk out of, but the goal is just to keep them from becoming explosive dust.

ill give then a try this next week

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Let us know how it goes?

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I have seen videos of people making their own flocking using sawdust. Flocking is using glue to line something and a puffer that sprays dust like particles to form a lining that is felt like.

This guy:


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