Components for a fully functional robotic gripper


I need to print a gripper by FDM (3D printing). the problem is that we need components for the electromechanical actuation system.
-We are thinking of using a servo motor and its control unit.

-There is also a pressing cylinder, in which we are thinking of using a pneumatic cylinder.

The gripper is made of steel, to be actuated with a clampling motion (and force). If I want to build a prototype, which components do I need to create and control the motion of the fingers?. This is a two-finger gripper.

However, I am not sure if we should couple the components stated above with any other component.
Any thoughts or experiences with this situation?

I thank you in advance,
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What size of a gripper are you thinking of making? The size of a hand? Larger?

If it’s small, you can easily use stepper motors or even just small RC servos.

If it’s larger, I’d consider using hydraulic cylinders so that all the actuators are in the same spot. Then you’d just need to route the hydraulic lines to each of the cylinders.

Hi David,

Thank you so much for your swift reply.

It should be the size of one hand. I am thinking of using a stepper motor. In that case, we do need a control until and pressure sensors, right? Do we need something else?

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Check out Chris Riley’s series on him making one of those prize/candy grippers. Candy Claw Series - YouTube
It may give you some other ideas