Complete electrical and wire management for Primo

I like the magnetic attachment.

One of the biggest enemies to dust collection is that the router exhausts its cooling airflow straight down at the work. This is normally just good design as it keeps stuff from sticking around near the bit, and makes sure that the router can’t suck any debris up from the work area, but it can quickly overwhelm the dust collection capacity, so more air is being blasted into the area than the dust collector can suck up, and the extra just gets forced through the brush and out.

The LR2 mount has a diverter that keeps the exhaust air from being expelled down below the sled. This makes the dust collection much more efficient (Some have found TOO efficient as the dust collection sucks the router down towards the work.) Might be an idea to examine the cooling exhaust for your router and take that into account.

I am very much jealous of your CAD skills.

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Awesome! That you for the feedback. I will check that out and test this iteration and see if I need to make some adjustments. The tool mount is done and it looks like everything will fit so I just started the vacuum attachment and we will see how that goes, eta about 19 hours.

I absolutely love working in CAD. Four years ago I had never used any 3D design software other than some failed attempts at sketchup. For some reason when I started working with Fusion360 it just started clicking for me and now I use it at least daily. I have more projects drafted than I will probably ever be able to build but I just like to create with it. I think combining that with understanding the requirements/limitations of CAM workflow also in Fusion helps me get more efficient every time I use it. So, thank you!

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Ok, everything worked with regard to the bracket and vacuum attachment but, the magnets are just not quite strong enough to hold the weight of the vacuum hose. I came up with a bracket that I can use to secure the vacuum assembly further. Unfortunately, it does involve screw, which I was trying to get away from, but at least those screws are easily accessible.

Thanks for the grommet and plug STLs! Worked great for me but I had to scale down to ~97% for 1" OD x 0.065" wall tubing.

What size PET sleeving are you using? Just wondering because I’m considering 1/4” and I don’t know if that’s too small to remain flexible inside a drag chain with endstop and motor wires in the same sleeve.


Very nice work, and thanks for sharing in such detail! It is always interesting to see so many takes on wire management and accessories for the mpcnc. Your setup looks solid; can tell you had experience with the mpcnc to know what it wants.

I agree with Dan’s post about separating the router cooling air from the dust flow. I tried some simpler designs before remixing that Colt mount. I decided to remix that particular one as it has this feature already, but was just hard to print and prone to breaking. Before I would get some of the larger chunks of wood spitting out the sides, but with a separator it stays clean even when doing ridiculously fast cuts.

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Have you considered a side entry slot to bear the weight, and the magnets only need to prevent lateral movement?

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Thank you and I am glad it was helpful. Yes, I am using 1/4" PET sleeve and it seemed to work quite well. I also ordered 3/8" and 1/2" but didn’t end up needing to use it.

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Ya, so far without it seems to be working well for me but I haven’t put it through its paces very much yet so time will tell. I am also a bit distracted at the moment as I am finishing up several woodworking projects for my business and I am working on getting my Avid CNC built.

I had not considered that but I really like the idea. I will try to rework the design a bit and see if I can get something working. It would really be nice to have an option that doesn’t require any screws.


I also need to scale the plug and grommet down to work with .083" wall 1" OD tubing (0.834" i.d.).
I assume the OD of the plug cap is designed to be 1". What is the insert design based on as shared?
When I import it into TinkerCAD, it picks up the dimension where the cutout is understating the inscribing circle a bit so I’m concerned if I employ simple scaling of X and Y dimensions it may distort the roundness. Any suggestions?

If you post your inner and outer tube dimensions here I can easily scale it for you and post it.

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Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the offer to help.

i.d. is 0.834"
OD is 1.000"

Hi @trevordj
This is a really helpful guide, and I’ll be using much of it for my Primo upgrade. One question; have you come up with any updates for your Bosch colt mount and dust shoe? Could you post your stl files for those please? I was going to print the same mount from tinkercad you had mentioned, but if your improved version is available that would be awesome! Thanks

Is it me, or are your X-axis trucks installed backwards? After printing the drag chain top pieces, I can’t get them to fit when my X-axis trucks are oriented the way they should be, so that the curved depression cradles the core as it hits the ends of travel. Here’s the overhead photo from V1’s assembly docs:

And here’s your closeup of the attached drag chain top piece:

It looks reversed, doesn’t it?

I was just reading the whole post (because your comment was new - thank you by the way) and it is reversed… @trevordj states above in post #15 right before the new router mount that he reversed it so the cable tray would sit behind the router and not “hang in space.” It makes sense, but it also looks like it takes up an inch or 2 of useable cutting space.

Smacks self in head

I swear I read the whole thread 20 times, but somehow failed to see that, thanks! The loss of space is not a big issue for me (building a 32x32 setup). Maybe when I get a minute I can design a set of tops that would allow for the trucks to sit as designed. It’s my OCD…

Thanks for the reply!

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I just got a note that you can mount the tray off of the tube with a printed bracket and not need to flip the truck… unless you want to.

So, I had issues with the drag chain fitting under the rail as well, despite the fact that I have some extra height built into my Primo. Trevor’s drag chain mounts didn’t work for me.

After a bit of cogitation, I ended up mashing the drag chain bracket onto the end of the motor mount. This option requires a bit of extra table space, but I had already left some extra space, and everything worked out fine. I posted the remixed pieces on Thingiverse. I included a mirrored version as well.

Hopefully it might benefit someone else following along with this thread.

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Just now seeing this build. Very nice and congrats on your well thought out wire management.

Looks very portable too, on the modified workbench. In the US, that bench is sold by Harbor Freight if anyone was curious. (I can’t post links yet)

Now that you have it looking so good, how was your milling projects so far?