Compiling TFT35 Firmware


I am a new member, thank all of you for the great work you’ve done on these builds. I’m currently in the making of an MPCNC. All goes well so far. I got myself an skr 1.2 board and a TFT35 from BTT.
I can compile the skr 1.2 board firmware succesfully. However the TFT35 fork isn’t compiling. It is 44 commits ahead and 7 commits behind the official TFT repo. I was wondering if there is some magic trick to validate these commits so I can compile the TFT firmware myself. I don’t know if there is much logic in the TFT35 specifically for the CNC, maybe the bulk of changes is in the skr firmware…
I would like to add something to be able to adjust the router bit speed.

Looking forward to your anwers.