Compact Rambo 1.4 case

Is there a compact rambo 1.4 enclosure available or are they already pretty much as small as possibe?

I have tried a few designs but they are too big for my flash forge finder printer. Would rather not have to cut and glue them.

Have you seen this one?

yea is just a touch to big for my printer I just found one I will see how I go. It will do till I can get a bigger printer at least.

How about this one. A quick search indicates your build volume is 190 x 195 x 200. This box will easily build in that volume. If you don’t have the display or if you mounting your display separately, you can model a simple plate to close the top, or if you need, I can model one for you.

Did you 3D print all of your parts for a Primo or Lowrider using your Flash Forge Finder?

No it only does 140x140x140.

Ouch, that’s tiny. The case I linked on Thingiverse should fit. The base looks to need 125 x 135 x 42. The top needs 135 x 85 x 105. And as mentioned, if you don’t want mount the display with the board, it would be simple to model up a plate for the top.

Is indeed cant decide weather to go ender 3 and get xl kit or the more modern but smaller ender 5…

@bluc how about this one? :grin:

Yea its on my radar. Just not sure yet which way to go .

Sorry missed that bottom bit. Yes used a flash forge finder👌

Will mp3dp handle high print temps and heated chamber for exotic plastics?