Communication Timeout

Hey Everyone,

First off new to operating a CNC but followed the guides down to the checkboxes and for the most part lowrider v2 will do well, but when it gets to a certain point it just stops with Communication Timeout - Reset Send Buffer Block. It is the exact same spot every time, we have tried a new usb, changing power settings on the usb ports etc etc. I am running Windows 10 and the mini rambo

Using Repetier and Estlcam as shown in the guides. It may be user error…most likely but any tips would be awesome!

Huh. Is it right at yhe beginning of the gcode? Can you paste it here?

M140 S0 turns off the temperature… not sure why that’s in there.

I think the problem is gcode, but if it is communications, can you print from the lcd with an sd card?

Or is it possible you flashed it with the wrong firmware? Like from estlcam.

Hey Jeff!

Thanks for getting back to me sorry for the late reply! Here is the GCode

;Project inside cut
;Created by Estlcam version 11 build 11.041
;Machining time about 04:11:35 hours

M03 S24000
G00 X0.0000 Y0.0000 Z0.0000
G00 Z5.0000

;No. 1: Hole 29
G00 X501.0506 Y357.1405
G00 Z0.5000
G01 Z-10.1600 F480 S24000
G01 X593.4392 F900
G01 X590.7614
G01 Y358.5692
G01 X500.5566
G01 X500.0627 Y359.9980
G01 X587.9133
G01 X584.8726
G01 Y361.4267
G01 X499.5639
G01 X499.0582 Y362.8555
G01 X581.6236
G01 X578.1370
G01 Y364.2842
G01 X498.5392
G01 X497.9974 Y365.7130
G01 X574.3893
G01 X570.3531
G01 Y367.1417
G01 X497.4237
G01 X496.8096 Y368.5705
G01 X565.9667
G01 X561.1939
G01 Y369.9992
G01 X496.1568
G01 X495.4749 Y371.4280
G01 X555.9658
G01 X550.2062
G01 Y372.8567
G01 X494.7735
G01 X494.0626 Y374.2855
G01 X543.7980
G01 X536.6341
G01 Y375.7142
G01 X493.3456
G01 X492.6275 Y377.1430
G01 X528.5580
G01 X519.4596
G01 Y378.5717
G01 X491.9094
G01 X491.1913 Y380.0005
G01 X509.3386
G01 X498.6151
G01 Y381.4292
G01 X490.4747
G00 Z5.0000
G00 Z0.5000
G01 Z-10.1600 F480
G01 X490.1911 Y381.2871 F900
G01 X489.6487 Y382.3691
G01 X489.3483 Y382.9700
G01 X489.3258 Y383.0328
G01 X489.8218 Y382.9599

You are missing repeat “f” values for feedrate. See picture number 5 in the estlcam setup page.

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I don’t use repetier, and it’s possible it’s sending the M140 S0, but it’s weird to me that:

  1. There is an M140 S0 going to the machine at all.
  2. The firmware doesn’t understand it.
  3. There is suddenly a line number on the arc command, which BTW, you don’t have any arc commands in your gcode…

Something else is wrong. Are you sure this hasn’t been flashed from estlcam? Are you sure this is the gcode you’re trying to send? Can you try using the LCD?

“Communication Timeout”

I had the same problem.
I changed the wire 4 times, but it did not help.
In the end, I decided to plug the wire longer. Its length was just enough for the rear USB port of my desktop. And the problem disappeared.

My desktop is an old Frankenstein with a half-dead motherboard. I concluded that it is better not to use front USB ports for such connections.