Collet for Makita RT0700x, in Europe, Norway

I’m looking for endmills for my Makita router, to use for the MPCNC. I see that Ryan sells 1/8" endmills. Elsewhere they come in all sorts of dimensions.

This makes me wonder: should I get the snigle Eclaire 1/8" collet? I’m not sure how many imperial sized endmills we get over here… If so - would this suffice in combination the 6mm that comes with the machine?

Or would I be better of if I bought a set like this: (I’m not sure if this one really fits the Makita) I assume that the quality of the Eclaire one is immensly better. Would it affect the accuracy and stability of the MPCNC much?


The 1/8" bits are sometimes sold as 3.175mm, if that helps.

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I have purchased the following:

and eventually this will come

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I also mention that I found a 1/8 bit with a 1/4" shank.

I havent received them yet, but they should work in the Makita perfectly

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Great, thanks! I’ve been wondering if I could find all the necessary end mills using the standard Makita collet.

What do you guys think about these two? Which would be most suitable for a general purpose mill?

Edit: this one is up-cut

Edit: this one is down-cut

What is this one actually good for??

It will make the Makita ER11 compatible.

I will need to cut the shaft back. But it’s easy

ER11 collet means your no longer limited to bit size

Do I need this shank before I get the er11 collets?

It’s a tough question. Most of my bits are 1/8 and a few 1/4. So I don’t need it
But I am getting it since it’s cheap. And I will have it on hand if ever I need it

In Canada. Most bits are SAE and some are metric. Just depends if you ask me

I’m using a Makita 0700 series router, USA version,too. It comes with a 1/4" collet. I ordered that Makita 763626-6 1/8" collet awhile ago. It doesn’t fit my 0700 series router.

Elaire makes 1/8 collets for the Makita 0700 series…

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