Cold Iowa Weather + mpcnc

It is officially gotten cold and I have been bow hunting and finally filled my buck tag! Which means I can get back to enjoying some garage time. However, my garage is not insulated. I wanted to see if there is any measures I need to take before using it. Should I at minimum get a propane heater to get the components acclimated to working temp? Does anyone else do anything regarding this? Just dont want a belt to snap or something wild.

Thanks guys
We are currently sitting around 34 f, we bit chilly

I’m in Kansas City. This last week has been cold. To work in the shop, I turn on the 4 electric heaters and the diesel salamander for at least 30 minutes before I go out and make sawdust. But I have always disliked cold weather. Have a lot of cast iron machines, run better warm than cold. On my 2 MPCNC’s unless it is 60 or above I don’t bother, that is early experience with these, like most things they seem to run better at temperatures we humans like.
Just my opinion

true that man! unfortunately I dont have much means for a heater to be out there and with energy cost Id def shy away from it for sure! Just to expensive for my garage size. I may move things around next year and try to insulate my back room. However, at minimum I may get a propane heater to just get it a little bit warmer to run but, was hoping this would give me something to do in the off season from outdoor activities.

You could try an infrared heater- they heat the object they are pointed at, not the air. You do end up with colder dead spots- even in a room the size of a double garage- so you could try pointing it at whatever corner you have the tool in