Cold end/hot ends at Lowes?

Looks like it. :slight_smile:

[attachment file=58677]

how to pick out the diy 3d printing nerd at lowes :wink: I totally do the same thing. I see things and figure hmm I bet that would work in a pinch.


I love finding solutions there. My friend and I spent a fun afternoon looking for the perfect plumbing parts to make our beersbee set up, but we added the constraint that it had to cost less than the cash we were carrying, which was like $15 between us.

This one just caught the corner of my eye and I thought it was funny what my brain saw.

These forum have another weird affect on my brain. I frequently can’t find some tool in my garage and my instinct is to ask here. I don’t know why you would know where my zip ties went, but I always want to ask.

Up on the small shelf. There are only a few left.

Heck, I just looked and there like five thousand of them up there. Only a few of the 4" black ones though…

When I can’t find a tool I look on amazon. :slight_smile:

BTW, anyone know where I left the leather punch?

Who are you? Jimmy Diresta?

Nah, he’s got more mad video skillz than I do. I bought a belt just before the accident and now it needs to be shorter by a couple of inches. I’m sure someone here knows where I put the punch…

It’s in the drawer where you keep your steak knives. And, it’s also a steak knife.

Mini steak nuggets…my fav.

You take the belt off first!!

HAHAH. Wow. That was a perfect delivery.

Dirtballs, you’re both dirtballs. That’s why you fit in here so well.

I always look at my nephew’s place he keeps my tools neatly arranged and stored just a t the wrong address :slight_smile:

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