Coasters by Gritters

Made from pergola waste posts and filled with resin from Carved in a single piece so it’s also its own mould, then I sand off the bottom.

I’ve worked out I can turn them around in about 5-6 hours per coaster, plus about a week for the resin to cure.


Hey Gritters what product did you use?
I’ve used the DiamondCote product from to coat paintings and it’s brilliant.
I love the metallic blue you have there it came out great.

it’s diamondcote with just a touch of their metallic pigment. i got the starter pack and you got 3 pigments in it so i got blue a pink one and some other colour. i think i’ll make a set of 6 coasters all up so will do 2 of each :slight_smile:
still haven’t quite got the sanding perfect on it, it’s time consuming if you want to keep the shine. this one was easier because the resin dipped a bit so the top stayed perfectly clear.

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Thanks mate that’s good to know.
I have a lot left so I think I’ll give this a go and see how it turns out.
Having it dip does help a lot. I did that with my last coaster using the Protite resin but I found a hot coffee cup does melt it. Overall I wasn’t really happy with the Protite results.
Please keep us updated with how the sanding and next set of coasters go, they look great.

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