Coasters by Gritters

Made from pergola waste posts and filled with resin from Carved in a single piece so it’s also its own mould, then I sand off the bottom.

I’ve worked out I can turn them around in about 5-6 hours per coaster, plus about a week for the resin to cure.


Hey Gritters what product did you use?
I’ve used the DiamondCote product from to coat paintings and it’s brilliant.
I love the metallic blue you have there it came out great.

it’s diamondcote with just a touch of their metallic pigment. i got the starter pack and you got 3 pigments in it so i got blue a pink one and some other colour. i think i’ll make a set of 6 coasters all up so will do 2 of each :slight_smile:
still haven’t quite got the sanding perfect on it, it’s time consuming if you want to keep the shine. this one was easier because the resin dipped a bit so the top stayed perfectly clear.

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Thanks mate that’s good to know.
I have a lot left so I think I’ll give this a go and see how it turns out.
Having it dip does help a lot. I did that with my last coaster using the Protite resin but I found a hot coffee cup does melt it. Overall I wasn’t really happy with the Protite results.
Please keep us updated with how the sanding and next set of coasters go, they look great.

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coaster production line still continuing, along with a new puppy which has slowed down the factory a little.

from top left to bottom right

  • b - first happy result, underpour resin so it’s slightly dipped
  • a - tester - over poured, cnced flat then thin top coat to give full shine
  • h through to love heart - finished over pour coasters, cnc flat
  • s z g z - in progress under pours. should end up looking like top left
  • a, a - couple of testers

funny enough people like different things. some seem to like the matte look, some like super shine and some like different colours. turns out humans are different :slight_smile:


Looking great. It’s really good to see them all lined up to compare the results.

finally got around to making some holders and they’re ready to send off.


They look fantastic. The holders definitely add the finishing touch.


i never solved how to make them sand to real shiny just like the underpoured ones. i have to test with some clear epoxy to see if it’s my sanding that is shit/lazy or if it’s the metallic stuff i add for colour.
so i just went with underpour for a bunch of them instead and kept the gloss look.
talk about trial and error i’m kinda sick of coasters for now :slight_smile:

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Time to experiment with something new.